The cool climate of the Mornington Peninsula produces wines just as diverse as the landscape from which they come. This region is small but mighty, producing some of the state’s most true-to-varietal Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Edwin Wine Club members are welcome to join us each Thursday evening for a taste of the region. 


The Quealy name is synonymous with Pinot Grigio in Australia, recognised for poise, finesse and distinction at the dinner table. 

The low-lying, shallow-soiled vineyard has been established for up to 25 years in some parts, with a gentle, considered approached to viticulture preserving the vitality of the vines. 

With a balance between ripeness and freshness, the Quealy Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir have a varietal kinship that translates in distinctly different ways: Pinot Gris excels in this climate, with the cool grey skies allowing ample ripening time to conserve natural acid and develop the power of the fruit. Pinot Noir thrives in the rich volcanic soils, with the higher elevation of these vines deepening the fruit profile to dark berry, plum, aniseed and earth. 


Established in 1982 by Richard and Jill McIntyre, Moorooduc Estate is a small, family-run wine business that has developed an enviable reputation for complex and food-friendly wines. 

Intensive, hands-on care in the vineyard – with minimal use of chemicals – produces the best possible fruit, with wild yeast ferments and traditional techniques allow the wines to express their terroir. 

The Moorooduc Estate home vineyard, the McIntyre Vineyard, is mainly planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with a small amount of Shiraz. An elevated site with a sandy topsoil, this soil also has a deep layer of red clay and rock, meaning that once they reach maturity, the vines require no irrigation. Over recent years, a grafting program has resulted in an interesting mix of Pinot Noir clones, some grafted onto original plantings from 1983.


‘Garagiste’ is a term attributed to small-scale winemakers who don’t adhere to the well-established traditions of winemaking. Garagiste has been operating since 2006, specialising in the Mornington Peninsula signature styles – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

Garagiste wines express a sense of the place where they were grown. Highlighting the subtleties of the sub-regions of the Peninsula, the vineyards produce wines under the labels Garagiste, Le Stagiaire and Côtier. 

Renowned wine critic James Halliday proclaimed that “all the wines are of exceptional quality”, and we’re inclined to agree.


Garry Crittenden is a true pioneer in the Australian wine industry. He was the first vintner to see the potential of the Mornington Peninsula as a thriving wine region.

With a background in horticulture and inspired by his long-standing love of wine, Garry transitioned from a nursery-man into viticulture just as the Peninsula was emerging as a wine growing area. His first modest five acres more than doubled the area under vine in the region. Since those first plantings in 1982, his commitment to the region has seen the Mornington Peninsula flourish to world recognition.

Ground breakers in their winemaking approach, the next generation have abandoned the conventional use of chemicals in favour of an innovative program that includes a composting regime, inter row cover crops of peas and oats, and using recycled water to build soil health. 

Driven by creating natural disease resistance in the vineyard, the elimination of chemicals in the management of the vines has led to healthier vines and a better expression of colour and flavour in the wines. 

All the makers listed above will be joining us at Edwin throughout the month to discuss their approach to winemaking, and to give you a taste of their range. Make sure you’re signed up to our Wine Club for more information. You can sign up HERE.