The Grampians wine region has been a quality wine-producing region for over 150 years, and is home to some of Australia’s oldest vines.  Located against the backdrop of the magnificent Grampians mountain range is one of Australia’s most historical and acclaimed wine regions.

The region boasts a combination of both large and smaller boutique wineries, with a number of award-winning drops produced in the Grampians region. The region is particularly well suited to later ripening varieties, such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The first vineyards of the region were planted in 1867, and included grape varieties so rare that several have defied all attempts at identification. In all probability, these unidentifiable varieties are the sole surviving examples in the world.


Cabernet Sauvignon Often blended with Shiraz (as well as other varieties), Cabernet Sauvignon performs well in adverse conditions. Grampians Cabernet Sauvignon blends often include blackcurrant, blackberry and even raspberry flavours, which dominate without threatening the elegant style of the wine.


In the cooler vintages, you’ll notice a reserved toasty style of Riesling, with a tropical lime juice aroma and flavour in the warmer years. 


The style of Grampians Shiraz ranges from a concentrated wine with spice, pepper and liquorice, through to a silky wine with red cherry and plum flavours. The common thread throughout is a fine tannin and elegant structure.

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