Yarra valley wineries

Yarra valley wineries

Situated just 45 kilometers east of Melbourne’s CBD, the Yarra Valley is cool in relation to other grape growing areas. With deep and fertile soil, some of Australia’s most beloved wineries are located within this region. 


Known for delivering some of the country’s most consistent varietal wines, Giant Steps uses indigenous yeasts, gravity-flow techniques and minimal filtration to produce highly expressive wines that are true to climate. 


Winemaker Kate Goodman creates wines that she herself loves to drink. A personal journey that began nearly three decades ago, establishing her own winery in 2012 has allowed Kate to express her passion for bringing people together. 

While chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are the hallmark varieties of Goodman Wines, Italian classics vermentino and negroamaro are also created, using grapes grown in the Heathcote region. The result is a range of wines, designed to be shared. 



With vineyards spanning an impressive 28 hectares on a property that occupies 400 hectares of land, TarraWarra Estate produces some of Victoria’s most loved wines. 

Think TarraWarra for exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. All wines are meticulously grown, handpicked, vinified and aged on site. A vineyard restructure has seen newer varieties and clones of chardonnay, to sit alongside their single-block heritage varietals and blends.



Established in 1969, Yarra Yering is one of the oldest and most beautiful vineyards in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. With an international reputation for quality wines, Yarra Yering is frequently named when discussion turns to the top wineries in the region. 

Planted in 1969, the unirrigated vines at the Yarra Yering vineyard produce elegant, complex and powerful wines. With good drainage, all day exposure to the sun, and enough elevation from the valley floor to avoid the spring frosts, the result is wines that are inherently balanced, precise and elegant.

All the makers listed above will be joining us at Edwin throughout the month to discuss their approach to winemaking, and to give you a taste of their range. Make sure you’re signed up to our Wine Club for more information. You can sign up HERE.